Increase Sales, Service & Net Profits With A 1-Day Business Consultation
With “the HVAC Business Doctor ®”

One-on-One Consulting

Wayne’s specialty is working with HVAC Contractors on an individual basis – at their place of business – to analyze their current operations and introduce methods and procedures to increase Sales, Service and Net Profits!

Wayne’s standard consultation fee is $1,500 per day plus expenses. Numerous dealers have recouped their investmentmany times over from the increases in Sales and Profits that their firm achieved as a result of working together! There are no agreements to sign, and Wayne offers a “Money Back Guarantee!”


“Wayne Atkins has been an integral part of our business planning ,growth and profitability. He has worked with us for over 20 years. He has helped our company grow from 12 employees to over 50 and still maintain profitability. I would highly recommend his services to any HVAC company.”

Todd Danz
Family Danz Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. – Albany, NY


I was cleaning up my office and saw the folder I got from your class in Montgomery, AL last year through M&A Supply. I thought I’d send a note telling you what I difference your class has made to my business. We had gone to flat rate the year prior but I was flying blind. I use your methods and it is like having a clean windshield, speedometer… all that sort of thing. The biggie was this winter when business was slow and I was able to cut my prices to stay busy while not losing money on the work. Also I know the jobs I didn’t get were bid at my break-even so no regrets. Now this spring we start the busy season without a big hole in the P&L.

Another useful item were the metrics you included to gauge how the different percentages of service and installation. It gives me confidence to know how much of each category I can shoot for.

This spring sees a large increase in advertising and an increase in scheduled maintenance program. And of course we crank back up to our normal margins.

Thank you, Wayne. (You need to charge more)

Peter Swinson
Swinson Air Conditioning Co., Inc.
13470 J B Williams Road
Loxley, AL 36551


I hope all is well, the last year is has been the best in years. (Thanks to you). I’m thinking to offer our customers one hour labor credit per month if their account is current at the first of every month which can be used for any service work through out the year. What do you thing?

Russ Spray
Indiana Technical Service

“I would like to say that you have done a great job helping my business. You got me to understand and know my cost of doing business, which we use and update monthly. You have also been available on a number of occasions for telephone support. Thank You for doing a great job.”

Dustin Folkes
Folkes Heating & Cooling

“Wayne Atkins has helped our company tremendously over the last six years. We are finally able to make great profit margins by applying his principals. We have never regretted bringing Wayne in to analyze and help.”

John Edmisten
Edmisten Heating & Cooling – Boone, NC

“At first I thought I would not like anyone near me to learn anything like this from you, but the more I thought about it, I thought this would be the best thing for EVERYONE to have so they would know there TRUE cost of operations, and quit being so stupid and bidding things for less than it really cost them. I hope it is everyone in my area. It is like training, if you think training cost a lot, look at what non-trained people cost your company.”

Steve Fisher
Air King Inc. – Decatur, IL

“Our company has worked with Wayne over the past 5 years and found him to be extremely helpful in understanding our true cost of doing business. He is very knowledgeable and helpful in making you understand what your true cost are with operating our business. I highly recommend his service.”

John M Breen, President
Breen & Sullivan Mechanical Services, Inc – Danvers, MA

“We have used Wayne Atkins now for almost 20 years and every year we have successfully increased our profits, even through these hard times. He does a wonderful one day workshop that really gives everyone in the company a chance to learn how to become more organized and profitable. Besides his immense amount of knowledge about this industry, Wayne is a very personable man who is always looking to help in any way he can. I don’t think I could have learned as much as I know about this company from anyone else. Thank you for all your help!!”

Cindy Vito
Suburban Services Inc, Norwood, MA