HVAC Business Form

HVAC Business Professional Scripts and Forms

Wayne’s expertise is also available in the form of pre-written scripts and forms the successful HVAC contractor can’t do without! These include:

Scripts (Package of 16 including):

  • Residential third party follow up phone script for installation customers
  • Sample accounts receivable script
  • Third party service agreement marketing script
  • Service agreement marketing script for service techs using flat rate
  • Script to qualify residential service customers using COD payment
  • Script explaining flat rate pricing
  • Residential service T&M pricing explanation
  • Residential retrofit referral and satisfaction script
  • Service agreement marketing script for service techs using T&M
  • … and more! Only $25!

Service Agreement Form: Service /maintenance agreement form with instructions. Only $15

Time and Materials and Flat Rate Service Ticket – Only $20

Job Descriptions Evaluations, and Skill Based Compensation: Sample job descriptions for all positions in HVAC, consulting firms, including field staff with tool requirements. Only $50

HVAC Daily Time Sheet – Residential and commercial time sheets. Only $10

Financial Ratio Package – Includes Word document and Excel P&L Statement, sample data explaining how to calculate critical financial ratios and how to interrupt them.  Only $30

Credit Application & Credit Inquiry Fax Sheet – Only $20

Preprinted Residential Installation Proposal Form – Only $10

Business Plan Template – Fill in the blank business plan. Only $25

Residential Lead Tracking/Sales Management Spread Sheet – Only $20

Collection Program – Includes collection time line, phone script and collection letter. Only $30

Work Change Order Form – Only $10

Sales, COGS Percentages & other KPIs – This includes HVAC industry KIPs and explanations. Only $30

Repair vs Replacement Worksheet -  Only $10

New Software Package Now Available

The Production Management Program features the Production Management Backlog Spreadsheet, Production Management Guidelines, and detailed Backlog Report Instructions. Only $40!

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Copyright Statement:

The contractor may reproduce, and/or alter all intellectual properties of Wayne Atkins for the sole purpose of conducting operations in his/her contracting business, but these intellectual properties may not be reproduced for the sale or entitlement of any outside individual/agency.